Action CES

Shanghai Action Tableware Limited Company - Cantering/Equipment/Service

rom the established of the company, Action's foresight view
appeared and keeping to change the tableware supply mode of China.

ction hired many experienced talents from the Hotel & Retail
industry, offering express serving by them, and providing the tableware from the international brands to hotel or high-end retailer. We are keeping update and stock over 5,000 type of products, makes the fast delivery become available in China.

ction always the general acting in China area, which for the several
famous brand around the world. Includes: Bormioli Rocco, Rona, RAK china, Le Creuset, Raynaud & Ercuis, KSI dining lamp, Degrenne Paris, etc.

hanghai Action, the rising sun from the east, the vigorous morning.
Acoustic translation from Engilsh name Action, as the name suggests - action - is the one which our purpose and guideline.

ccumulated many years of actual combat experience in market, Action
continuously improving our cooperation partner, paying lots of cautions on imported brand. The manufacturer's investment, the new products' putting, old products' fast-stable supply chain, the willing to hear Chinese's need and makes change following the local market requirment, even the timely customer support or following-ups.. everything is the decisive basics of the Action's partnership.

hink as your way, worry your urgent, we providing useful qualified
plans, from the picking to the shipping, all with the thoughtful customer support. Action will work for the best experience, and bring the best tableware investment income back to you.


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