El Costurero Real & Uchronic Time

About El Costurero Real, Filasse is a pre-permitted brand in China area and will the only, according to describes on their official website, they aren't sell on other platform except Etsy. The permission will be announced after we finished the legal formalities between Filasse and Alassie.
All the info shows here are under their permission and supervise.

And more details will be published before opening.

Alassie CR S.L.

Fashion for free spirits. Handmade in Barcelona.

'El Costurero Real' is a fashion brand based in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired in nature and fairytales our designs combine beauty and handmade, in an unique and original way.

On 2008 Alassie, the main designer, opened a blog about costumes for Theatre, Opera or Cinema called 'El Costurero Real' (The Royal Taylor). That was the start for this beautiful adventure of creativity and fashion.

Today, we are a team who sew, design and shipp everything with care and love.

We are speciallist in fantasy costumes, and fairytale inspired fashion, creating our own fabrics with custom designs. We also make custom designs for bridal dresses or artist.

Wings Serial

Moth - Butterflys - Dragonflyies - Raven - Peacock - Owl

Antlers & Horns Serial

Deer - Satyr - Faun - Dragon - Demon

Capes Serial

White - Black - Pruple - Green - Red - Golden - Transparent