Big Peers (Duh-Ton-Harn)(Since 1851)

Fujian Big Peers Medicine & Food Healthy Production Limited Company
#One of current medicine retail shops besides the street in China

Big Peers is created by Hwang's forebearer Hwang-Mongyoo during the years T'ung Chih of Qing Dynasty, primary trading Gwiyuon (dried longan), Fruit Jelly (jam). During later Qing to the Republic era, the sales of X'inghwa Gwiyuon once controled the two-third of whole market, monopolized the trading of X'inghwa Gwiyuon in long times. And so, the wordbrand "Big Peers" as the biggest trading peer was known far and wide.

The sixth generation inheritor stands the gaya of "Great Love, Same Virtue, Kind Deed", the priciple of "Kind Heart, Quality", then transformed the ancient secret recipe and use it into modern food-medicine homology field. The recipe is included in the Putian's nonmaterial culture directory at 2017, and founded the "Hwang's Family Gate®" serial jam.

And now, based on the autonomy brands "Big Peers" "Hwang's Family Gate" and the food-medicine homology products, health-care food serial products, Big Peers produce and sell out the Putian characteristic food "Loquat Jam" "Gwiyuon" "Salted Olive", also bring out the brand to the further market.

Hwang's Family Gate®
Loquat Autumn Pear Jam

Hwang's Family Gate®
Beryllure Balm

Hwang's Family Gate®

Loquat is the one of valuable fruits, Shur'jen Lee in Materia wrote:
"The loquat can harmonize the stomach and lower the energy,
to clear the lungs and detoxify."
According to modern medical science, the research found that the loquats has rich in vitamin B17, and also can nourish the lungs, relieve cough, expectorant, and other effects. Was called as human body's cleaner.
Hwang's Family Gate® Loquat Autumn Pear Jam according to traditional process, strictly control the quality of each step in production, kepping the jam soft, smooth, mellow, harmany. By using the advenced technology, to accurate the portions to the minimum, thus, improved the ultilization rate of every ingredients, processed carefully mixed rigorous, to makes more efficiency to the healthy need.
LAP Jam's nourishment features are at nourishing, health-caring, strong body, resist feebles, extending life, the elements in used has benefit, can improve the resistance of body. The Jam concentrated from the juice added the spirit of foodcure, not too much but is purest, easy to digetion, easy to use, and tastes sweet amd sound, can be using often.

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Hwang's Family Gate® Beryllure Balm is researched for solve the stubborn skin problem, ratio by the very experienced master, ingredients are all from herbalife in this brand new recipe.
Different from traditional antibacterial, not fierce from this crafts also without add any hormone. We controled the ingredient, source, quality for a better perform.